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Improving and Fixing your Telephone Issues

Whether you’re a domestic householder or a local  company, we’d love to help you in an affordable way.
We’ve spent many years in this field and have lots of experience. So don’t worry at all! We’ll always strive to give you good
old fashioned advice and help. Call us now on 07707 629440 or 01273 682937. Or drop us line by email

Local Telephone Repair and Maintenance Company 

Telkev is an independent Local telephone repair and maintenance company with over 25 years of experience in phone, network cabling and broadband services. We are a small team of trained and qualified telecom engineers across Sussex, Surrey and Kent, We will always try to help in any way we can in a friendly no fuss kind of way.

We sincerely won’t charge you a penny more than necessary – (check out our google reviews) are fast and super reliable. We’re not large and won’t take long to respond to any enquiries.

If you are having issues and problems with your phone or broadband, then we can help you. Our work is fully guaranteed and our telephone engineers have a great deal of experience. (BT & Other Companies).

Why Choose Us?

Because we're reliable, cost-effective and easy to work with


We pride ourselves on being reliable 

Cost Effective

We’re always conscious of your pocket

Easy to work with

Yes, life can be hard enough!

Our Telephone Services

  • Extra Points
  • Fault Finding
  • Rewiring
  • Extra Telephone Extension Socket
  • Tidying Up Unsightly Telephone Wiring

Phone Line Advice

When you are considering which equipment to use or which phone sockets or even phone wiring cable and cabling to employ, you needn’t look any  further than what the other main Telephone Engineer service providers are using, since you can rest assured that they have spent a great deal of time and money in finding the best products to use. Often we use the same suppliers as even BT / Openreach. You can rest assured that we have been well trained by BT engineers in the first instance which is why when looking for a telephone engineer near me, you’ll be able to trust us. There are many cases where we simply guide you away from spending more than you need to too.

Telephone Services and Broadband Services are what we specialise in so if you have a Fault with your Telephone Services or even a Broadband Problem then contact us with the nature of your fault or faults and let us see how we can help you.

Telephone Repair Service in Brighton

Why Choose Telkev?

  • Easy to Work With
  • Reliable
  • Cost Effective
  • Deep Experience
  • We Always Strive to Minimise Disruption
  • Wide Area of Coverage –We cover Sussex, Surrey, Hampshire and & Kent
  • National Coverage
  • Accredited Professionals
  • Engineering Resource
  • Detailed Quotations

What kind of areas can we help you with?

There are multiple services that we offer:

Extra Telephone Sockets

i.e: Adding additional extension sockets to your phone line, ideal for sky multi-room satellite tv, additional computer network sockets in home offices or even in other rooms. To add additional phone sockets, just give us a call.

Re-Wiring of Telephone Sockets

I.e: Relocation of any existing sockets, tidying up and moving of internal or external wiring.Telephone sockets can be replaced and added, new NTE master socket upgrades. We can also relocate your telephone line for doors, shutters and windows.                

Fault Finding & Repair 

Your service provider – i.e BT will only maintain the phone wiring up to your master socket remember! Beyond this it is your responsibility to maintain your system. We will diagnose any line faults and if it’s on your wiring, we will repair it. However, if it’s on the external network, it’s best to contact your service provider and arrange for them to fix it for you. We can look at crackly and noisy telephone lines or fix cut telephone wires that need repairing 

Upgrade to VDSL Telephone Socket

The faceplate is a filter which splits the phone signal as it comes into your house into VDSL2 and regular phone. It presents you with an RJ11 socket for VDSL2 and a standard BT 431A phone connector.

Miscellaneous landline Telephone Services

We can add external, Internal ring bells installed for garages and homes.

We also carry out many local installations for all customers. We always try and meet everyone’s requirements from small business installations. Rest assured that we will always come ready to get the job job done in a timely manner with minimal disruption and fuss – and all at a price you can afford. 

Residential Installations and Repairs

We can install or repair your telephone and broadband, we can move any internal sockets or cables, we can provide extra telephone points for sky or other uses ,we might be able to  improve your broadband speed by installing the latest master socket, We can improve your wi-fi coverage by moving the router, we can repair any damaged cables both internal and external, we can remove redundant telecoms cables ,we can tidy up your existing cables.

We can wire up old phones so they will work, so if you have bought an old Bakelite phone at a car boot or market, we can get it to work if it is in a workable condition.

Commercial Services

From single line business to multi-line, we can answer all of your telecom needs. If you require your offices wired to the latest specifications contact us. Small business to large we can answer all your questions, contact us for free advice.