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Whether you’re a home user or a commercial entity, you may have had broadband installed but need some help setting it all up, have a broadband problem or linking all of your home of business devices? It may also be the case that you’re experiencing problems with your broadband dropping out or slowing down connection speeds in which case your internal wiring may very well be at fault. We can also easily diagnose and repair this to increase your broadband speeds. We can also provide, where required, additional broadband and cat5 sockets.

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Our Broadband & Wireless Network Services

Broadband Speed Test
Internet broadband test results to show your ISP.

All our parts are genuine and original for any service provider.

Wireless Access Point installation to boost Wi-Fi signal to weak areas.

Wireless Network Installations

Say goodbye to the days of static desk locations! Businesses want flexibility, collaboration, hot desking and more besides. Wireless Network speeds substantially faster than ever before with 10gb now achievable over most wireless networks. This having been said with these requirements, it is an absolute must that the wireless network is well designed and moreover correctly. The cabling must be capable of delivering these speeds. Telkev can help with full onsite surveys and design of your new wireless network or simply assist with problematic existing Wireless Networks.

A business Wi-Fi installation can deliver cost efficiency (which includes a good design and set-up, easy integration with any existing networks and ease of re-location too). Our engineers can design and quote to the requisite data cabling requirements for your wireless networks

Further benefits of wireless network solutions include our indoor wireless network installations use pioneering

equipment from leading wireless manufacturers, offering outstanding capacity, range and eliminating interference. We also offer point to point wires for connectivity between multiple locations, and wireless bridges as a leased line replacement, saving you time and budget.

Our wireless network installations offer the most reliable technology and manufacturer level support. We use the

industry’s latest solutions, alongside decades of installation experience. If you are looking for a wireless network solution, contact our team for advice…

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Home Networking Service

With the large expansion of broadband in homes and offices, you will probably need to share your broadband access with many different PCs and mobile devices these days – many of which will be streaming movies. With little fuss, we can install small networks that will simply link your computers through data cabling cabling to your main router, allowing simultaneous use of your broadband connection.

Well, we’re easy to deal with, once you have received your broadband equipment we can easily help you set this up quickly and with little fuss.  Just let us know when you expect to receive the equipment and we can set up a time to come and help you. 

If you chose us to help you set up your broadband, it’s important to ensure that your computer equipment has the latest anti-virus software installed for peace of mind. It needs to be firewalled complete with anti-spyware protection to help prevent any infections.

We’ll advise you on the best type of network for your needs and seamlessly set this up with minimum disturbance and disruption.

We’ll also ensure that all networks are super secure to minimise the risk of an attack from external sources.

Broadband connection performance results with our specialist tester with no guess work. Find out exactly what speeds you are paying for. Well designed broadband results in faster response times.