Looking for a Broadband Installation Brighton or perhaps in Sussex generally? We also cover Hove, Eastbourne, Worthing, Haywards Heath and other Towns locally. 

Dealing with weak Wi-Fi signals in certain parts of your home or office?

For broadband installation brighton,
we provide efficient solutions to enhance your connectivity for a quick broadband installation. We run network cabling from your router to the desired location, followed by the installation of an access point that delivers nearly 90% of your router’s speed.

To optimise your broadband installation and broadband speed, we can take things a step further by using Network or data switches for hardwiring devices like computers or smart TVs.

We also facilitate access points for a mesh system, allowing the installation of multiple points throughout a property – ground floor, first floor, second floor, garden room, and more. This ensures maximum Wi-Fi speed across your home or office. Nothing is worse than a weak wifi signal

Our access points are programmed with the same SSID and password for your convenience. As you move around your property, your smart device automatically connects to the fastest available access point without requiring any manual intervention. You should always consider security.

One access point is an excellent choice for most indoor scenarios. It offers 90-95% router speed and works effectively in most settings.

Another access point designed for larger areas and is an ideal option for properties with thick walls, which can often impede Wi-Fi signal transmission.

Another is capable of being mounted externally, can cover up to 500m. It’s the perfect solution if you need Wi-Fi coverage outdoors or have an outbuilding that’s difficult to hardwire.

For a BT Broadband installation, Sky Broadband installation or Virgin Broadband installation, best call us in advance and we can advise accordingly.

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