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Are you looking for broadband engineer in Brighton? Is your broadband slow? Are your cables or sockets out of date? Are you wondering how to increase WIFI speed? Would you like your master socket moved to a place where you can get much better reception? If you said yes to any of these questions, call TELKEV today and we’ll fix all your problems in next to no time at a much lower price than you would get from any of the big service-providers.

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With more than 30 years’ experience in Brighton and the South-east, family-run firm TELKEV is there to sort out all your broadband problems in a speedy and reliable way. No job is too small for us (or too big). Our fully qualified engineers are trained to diagnose and eliminate all wi-fi faults, and, to ensure that you’re getting full value for money, we will test to check whether you’re getting the speed you’re paying your service-provider for. Once you ask us to check out your system, you’ll find our prices come with no hidden costs and we offer a no-fix, no-fee guarantee

Our services include wi-fi set-up and installation; wi-fi router and network set-up or fault find (every new part we install is the correct one for your system); master socket upgrades; wi-fi range increased and connectivity problems solved; replacement of old internal and external wires to improve broadband speeds; full broadband optimisation; extra Ethernet cabling for media devices; remote viewing for your phone… you name, it we can supply it.

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And crucially, we can save you a lot of money if you come to us instead of your service-provider, when:

• After contacting your service-provider they say you need a new phone extension

• Your wireless router is running slow and you need a new socket in a better place to fix the problem

• The broadband at home or work keeps failing

• You require to install any of the following: broadband, ADSL, Sky TV, or wireless internet

• Somebody has accidentally sliced through your phone or broadband cable and it needs to be sorted today.


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When it comes to wi-fi connectivity and broadband issues, TELKEV is the bees knees. We have a long track record of providing broadband services in Brighton. Whether you have standalone or multiple computers, we can connect all your devices together – all for just the one low-cost price. Remember, we’re a small local service that never loses sight of the needs of the customer. That’s why you can rely on us to give you exactly the advice you need.

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